Lalibela Salt & Pepper Shaker


Color combination:

Combo 1: White Handle, white Base with 2 grey Shaker

Combo 2: Grey Handle, grey Base, with 2 white Shaker



Salt and pepper shaker replica of Lalibela rock hewn church in Ethiopia.  The handle replica of Axum obelisk in Ethiopia.


Shaker.                          Handle and Base

Length 2.5in (62mm).                  6.75in (172mm)

Height 3.25in (82mm).                6.75in (172mm)

Width 2.5in (62mm).                   2.8in (72mm)

Combo Weight: 4.4oz (124g)


All pieces: ABS FDA Grade

Plug: Silicone FDA Grade Shore 60A

1 box contains 1Base, 1Handle, 2Shaker, and 2 Plug


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